Description :

McLaud offers premium quality DTF ink for Epson printers and printheads. These are specially formulated direct to film printing inks designed to work with a wide variety of DTF printers. McLaud DTF ink enable printing of vivid colors on both dark and light-colored fabrics. A handpicked selection of high-quality colorants also allows for printing of vibrant designs with saturated colors without compromising the wash performance characteristics. With Epson DTF ink, McLaud also offers premium hot melt powder with high binding characteristics and quality PET films that work with a wide variety of fabrics. Another specialty of McLaud DTF printing inks is the DTF White Ink, which stands among the highest quality White DTF inks available globally. McLaud White DTF inks bring out optimum vibrancy & vividness of the other colors used in the DTF printing process. Contact us to check availability in your region.